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The board examination is an experience for which residents often feel ill prepared. This is not usually due to a poor job of learning pathology, but often relates to the resident's comfort level with taking exams and test taking strategy. Typically the only time a resident is placed in an atmosphere similar to the board exam is during the annual RISE examination.

The mission of PathMD:

  • Improve test taking skills by providing questions in board exam format.
  • Emphasis on high yield board material.
  • Enhance learning with answer explanations, references, and test taking strategies.

At present, several review courses are offered for board preparation by different organizations (AFIP, Osler, and ASCP). These occur usually over a week, and consist of intensive material review. These programs have their place, but we feel PathMD: Board Review Letter will provide a better opportunity for long term knowledge retention by stimulating learning in small packets over an extended period of time.

PathMD strongly encourages residents to subscribe early in their residency to maximize benefit. Again, the PathMD: Board Review Letter is made available at no charge to physicians thanks to the website sponsors.

Residency programs may want to utilize our services to:

  • Provide high yield questions relevant to the AP/CP board examination.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses for each resident.
  • Stimulate use of pathology texts and medical literature.
  • Measure knowledge based learning.
  • Improve test taking skills and comfort level of the testing environment.

Please click on SAMPLE ISSUE to see an example of our questions and images.